• Pumpkin Peeling Machine
    Pumpkin Peeling Machine
    One head melon peeler machine is very covenient, can save labor, exported well. Can peel pumpkin,watermelon, hami melon, taro, pineapple, white melon and so many fruits and root tube vegetables, video or more information, connect us whatsapp: 0086-1523950


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  • Hydraulic Air Rock Drill Equipment
    Hydraulic Air Rock Drill Equipment
    Product Description Hydraulic air rock drill equipment portable drilling rig superiority: CTQ-Z138YA rock DTH drilling rig has reliable high quality, it has large swing angle, so that no need to move machine to drill holes in different positions. This hyd


    Shandong Longye Machinary Co.,Ltd

  • 3-19mm Tempered Glass for Window
    3-19mm Tempered Glass for Window
    3-19mm tempered window glass Product description Tempered glass is widely used on windows, normally thin glass, e.g. 3mm to 6mm tempered glass are made into insulated glass, or double glazing glass to install on windows, to achieve sound proof and energy


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